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To be Informative

We believe in educating our clients. Educated clients will make more informed decisions about their financial matters and be one step closer to achieving their goals.

To be Objective

Fee-Only Financial Planning - places a premium on providing truly objective financial advice. As a fee-only adviser, we do not accept commissions from the sales of any financial products because we do not sell any products. This is the essence of fee-only planning. In this manner, conflicts of interest are removed which might arise from such financial arrangements. We work solely to provide the client with unbiased guidance regarding their financial matters.

To make it Simple

Fee-Only Financial Planning - strives to make its information simple and easy to understand and its recommendations simple and easy to implement. The world of financial options can be vast and confusing. We strive to clarify and simplify the available options in order to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

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David Martula

Dedicated Marathon Runner and Your Financial Adviser