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Our Services

Investment Management Services
David T. Martula will work with the client to create a portfolio which will help provide the funds needed to achieve his or her financial goals. No load mutual funds will be the investment of choice, though due consideration will be given the client's current holdings. Mutual funds will be selected on the basis of, but not limited to, the fund's historical risk and return, investment philosophy of management, including whether management holds the fund personally, their trading frequency, fee structure, and length of time that management has been operating the fund and the degree to which the fund's objectives meet those of the client. Though none of these features guarantees investment success, they are important ingredients in investing.

Financial Planning Services
Financial planning is the process of reviewing your financial situation, taking into consideration your specific goals and objectives, and then providing a roadmap to help you realize those goals and objectives. It may include the following:

> Cash Flow and Income Tax Analysis
> Investment analysis
> Retirement and Estate Planning
> Insurance Analysis (risk management)
> Education Funding
> Any other needs specific to you

Clients purchasing this service will receive a comprehensive, written report, in letter format, providing the client with a personalized financial plan designed to achieve his or her stated financial goals and objectives at that point in time. In order to be fully objective, financial planning recommendations are not limited to any specific product or service offered by a broker dealer or insurance company. All recommendations are of a generic nature and implementation of financial plan recommendations is entirely at the client's discretion.

Consulting Services
FOFP also provides advice on a more limited basis. This may include advice on a specific area of concern such as estate planning, retirement planning, a client's existing portfolio, life insurance need, or on any other specific financial topic.




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